ironicisttestified said: "At least give me back my Space Jam tape, you asshole."

"It’s already in your video collection again! I don’t have it anymore."

"I can’t believe you’d lie to me, Darck. And right to my face, too."

Give my character a “character shaming” label


(i.e. ‘I ate all he cookies in the house and lied about it with crumbs over my face’)

ஐ how about hypothetical from Darck. But it turns out Bro was dreaming.
─ Anonymous

Bro’s dream started off so casually he’d figured he wasn’t even asleep, just him and Darck hanging out in their usual, dorky way. But it took an unexpected turn when his creepy companion got him up against a wall, her supernatural strength pinning both his arms over his head. She gave that toothy grin of hers as he felt her hand inch his way into his pants, her hand delving ever closer and her lips but an inch from his-

When the elder Strider shot awake violently, covered in sweat. He looked around. Dreaming.

"Why can’t I ever wake up normally?" He said to himself with a sigh. Looks like someone needed a cold shower.

The animatronic bear starts to creep up behind Bro. However he stops and turns his head sideways while somehow also looking down, "N͢͏̳͍i̞̳͓̠̝͍͘͝ͅͅC̵̡̞͚̱̦̠̞̦̲͟e̝͕̱̦͍͝ ̵̛̠͇̘͓͎̖͙A̶̲̦͈s̸̺̙̮̯S̵͕̪͍̪̬̟͉..."

Woah, where the fuck did he just come from? Bro turned around to face him, reacting like any normal person would upon seeing a creepy, sentient animatron.


"Look but don’t touch, buddy." …Or maybe not.

Darck, there's like an army of animatrons amassing, what the fuck.


"… I swear to god I had nothing to do with that, it was all Freddy Faz Bear."

"…. I should probably get on that and fix it, shouldn’t I…"

"….Freddy Whothefucknow?"

"Well I fuckin’ know you had nothin’ to do with it, I’m just makin’ sure you’re aware. They’re fine as long as they don’t touch me. I’m not havin’ a repeat of last time.”

"Man, I am feelin’ good about toda-"

"Son of a bitch.”


*at my wedding* i do……YOUR MOM OHHHH *highfives the priest* *skateboards away*